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Industry Warehouse Studio™ (IWS) for Life Insurance

The Industry Warehouse Studio for Life Insurance delivers the first pre-built business intelligence application suite for the industry structured to leverage a customer-centric data warehouse infrastructure and specifically designed to exploit the industry-specific transaction-level data in a typical Life Insurance organization. The applications are designed to quickly provide business intelligence capabilities that help a life insurance organization to analyze their customers, products and markets while reducing the risks commonly associated with developing comprehensive systems, integrating heterogeneous source systems and fitting together "off-the-shelf" business analysis tools.

Analyzing an insurance company's business performance requires an understanding of the key events that occur including quotations, new business, renewals, claims and cancellations. The Life Insurance IWS application delivers analytical reports that focus on channel performance, loyalty, the relationship between quotations accepted and declined and the incidence and characteristics of customer cancellations. It also provides the information needed to formulate effective up-sell and cross-sell strategies.

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