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LWN Readers'' Choice Award 2006 - 150pxCustomers choose Sybase for the same reasons they choose Linux and Linux applications – lightning-fast performance, lower cost of ownership, and the many benefits of open technology. Sybase was first to deliver an enterprise-class DBMS on Linux in 1999 and today, Sybase provides the most comprehensive combination of products and services supporting Linux in the industry.

Check out the latest and greatest resources for Linux here. Also, get more in-depth information on each Linux product by following the links below.


Linux Applications, DBMS, RDBMS, Database, Application Development - Download Sybase ASE Express Edition"Sybase is arguably the best enterprise-level RDBMS on Linux. This statement is substantiated by Sybase achieving the best TPC results on this platform, its extreme reliability and ease of use, plus Sybase's proven record of being a Real Enterprise Class RDBMS."

- Mich Talebzadeh, Peridale

Find out more about how Sybase Linux products and applications can help your organization lower cost while maintaining enterprise-class scalability. Have Sybase contact you

Sybase Professional Services (SPS) provides expert assistance with a proven track record of success in Linux solutions. Click here to learn more about how SPS can help you.


Try it today! Click below to download the Free, Linux compatible Developer’s Editions of:

  • Sybase ASE Express Edition for Linux is the first enterprise-class commercial database that can take you from pilot to deployment for zero dollars and zero risk. You can develop a pilot project on Linux without risk AND without undermining performance or manageability. As an enterprise-class data management platform, you can manage growth and evolving requirements without painful, expensive upgrades. Download ASE Express Edition for Linux
  • ASE Developer Edition is a highly scalable, high-performance Linux-based database engine that includes standard features of ASE and all related connectivity components. Download ASE Developer’s Edition
  • Sybase EAServer Developer Edition is a free download, not an evaluation version that will time out. Use it as long as you would like for developing applications, and obtain a deployment edition license when the application is ready to be deployed. Download EAServer Developer Edition

Sybase Adaptive Server Enterprise is designed to support the demanding requirements of transaction-intensive, mission-critical OLTP and decision support applications. ASE’s efficient query optimization delivers unsurpassed levels of performance and scalability to Linux-based applications. Take advantage of the scalability, stability and low TCO of Linux today - Microsoft SQL Server applications port easily to Adaptive Server Enterprise for Linux. Click here for more information.

Sybase IQ for Linux has a highly scalable analytical engine, designed specifically from the ground up for unsurpassed query performance and the lowest total cost of ownership for your analytical applications – bar none. Unlike traditional databases, Sybase IQ is architected for analytics – not transactions – with a column-based structure and patented indexing that make it the pertinent choice for data warehousing.

Sybase Replication Server for Linux enables organizations to deliver live information to remote locations and consolidate information from autonomous units across the enterprise. It provides continuous or high availability operation despite hardware and software failures or planned downtime for maintenance, while also allowing real-time access on the replicate systems. Replication Server allows replication of data among heterogeneous platforms (from ASE on Solaris to ASE on Linux bi-directional), enabling organizations to take full advantage of lower cost and scalability of Linux. Enterprises can take advantage of Sybase Replication Server and ASE on Linux to cluster multiple Linux hosts to provide a true distributed system. Sybase Replication Server allows multiple Linux hosts on distant locations to host multiple data servers, enabling enterprises to create global data repositories at affordable costs. Unlike other products where performance degrades as scaling goes up, there is no limit and no performance penalty on the scalability that Sybase provides. Take advantage of Sybase products on Linux to drive the cost down, use your replicate sites as production and turn your data into information anywhere.

Sybase’s EAServer allows customers to uncover the economic value of existing applications and hardware assets, by providing reusable components, industry-leading performance, and enterprise-level security. EAServer on Linux leverages the reliability, security and low TCO of Linux to support our customers’ enterprise-class applications.

SQL Anywhere for Linux is the industry’s first mobile and embedded database optimized for Linux. With the same robust features and full technical support of SQL Anywhere Studio's other core platforms, Sybase's Linux version leverages Linux's enterprise-class reliability and performance on low-cost hardware, such as workgroup servers, monitoring systems, edge servers and point-of-sale devices.

Advantage Database Server for Linux
Advantage Database Server for Linux is a scalable, high-performance database management solution that brings client/server benefits to critical database applications being deployed in a Linux environment. Advantage is specifically designed and tested to operate in Linux environments and runs as a Linux daemon.


Visit the Platform Certification page for up-to-date certification information on Linux.

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