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Avaki EII



Avaki is an enterprise application integration software product designed for Enterprise Information Integration systems (EII). It streamlines enterprise data integration from many distributed sources while providing standardized access to integrated views of data through a single data layer. Avaki uses a federated approach, delivering data from original sources rather than data replicas or marts.

Avaki EII is now Data Federation, a key component of the Data Integration Suite. The suite is supported on most major operating system platforms; Avaki EII is still being made available for platforms not yet supported. Please contact your sales representative for details.

Please see the Avaki for Data Grid page for more information about Sybase Solutions for Data Grids.

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  • Improves business agility – Delivers a faster, more flexible approach to unlocking the value of widely dispersed or “siloed” data, enabling up-to-the-minute decision making.
  • Reduces the cost of development, software and maintenance – A standard and universally available data services layer reduces the need for one-off data integration, duplicated data storage and multiple integration tools.
  • Streamlines development of applications and reporting solutions – Reduces programming complexity, with tools to collect and catalog data and standardized access to integrated views of data.
  • Provides real-time access to information – Data warehouse and data marts make copies of information, which introduces latency. Avaki EII accesses current data directly from its source.
  • Reduces risk – Provides rigorous access control capabilities by preestablishing which queries can be run against which data.



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  • Consulting – Get help in developing and implementing Sybase Avaki EII solutions from Sybase Professional Services.
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