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Notice: Sybase Convoy/DM is no longer offered by Sybase. If you would like to speak with a Sybase representative to see how Sybase can meet your business requirements through other Sybase products and solutions, contact our sales team nearest you.

Sybase Convoy/DM is at its core a data transformation tool that provides sophisticated, flexible data extraction, mapping, transformation, validation, and loading capabilities for the PeopleSoft environment. Its ability to extract applications metadata, or detailed descriptions of the business rules required by your source and target applications, is key to its ease-of-use. With Convoy/DM, your technical team can oversee and manage user-initiated changes that impact your application interfaces, resulting in efficient, cost-effective on-going maintenance that is less prone to error.

As demand for EAI tools continues to grow, so too do the numbers of vendors positioning themselves as "complete" solutions. But the fact is that emerging software applications and architectures quickly render so-called "complete" solutions obsolete. Choosing the right technology for your organization is daunting – but imperative.

Sybase customers have created proven solutions with Convoy/DM showing reported time savings of up to 75 percent. Convoy/DM is a software tool that works with a wide range of platforms and databases. It is well-integrated and graphical in its use, and provides extensive support for both client/server and legacy-based systems. Convoy/DM is one of the standard data conversion and integration solutions for PeopleSoft applications.


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