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Data Auditing



Sybase Data Auditing solutions prevent loss or exposure of sensitive data and automate business processes for sustainable compliance with regulations such as Sarbanes-Oxley, PCI, and HIPAA. Sybase Data Auditing solutions continuously monitor and report database activity, providing a permanent record of who did what, to which data, when.

Sybase Data Auditing solutions provide insight into how database systems are used, with a continuous and permanent audit trail of access and changes to data, and to database structure, storing this information in a centralized repository which can be easily archived for long term storage. Using built-in report templates, reports can be generated for management, auditors, and other consumers of this valuable information.

Audit DB provides a unified solution for database security, security policy management, and data auditing while supporting all methods of data collection including transaction log reading, network capture, and native database auditing.

PCI Advantage Pack provides out-of-the-box PCI compliance delivering complete visibility into all changes affecting the integrity of cardholder data.

Assessment Module can be used as a tool to evaluate system vulnerabilities so that gaps in coverage can be covered before they are exploited.

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  • Streamlines regulatory compliance by providing an organizational view of compliance and alerts when policies are violated.
  • Improves IT operational efficiencies by automating audit tasks.
  • Protects brand and company reputation by providing data access transparency and concrete audit trails.
  • Allows rapid response to serious errors or fraudulent activity with alerts and detailed forensic support.


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