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Business Continuity

Reduce Risk While Ensuring Data Integrity and Business Continuity.

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Reduce Risk While Ensuring Data Integrity and Business Continuity

Users want to access their data anywhere, anytime. The reality is that systems go down, power grids fail, human error intervenes and even the most reliable software environments occasionally lock up. The question is not if there will be disruption to your system environment, but when. What will your software systems do to automatically and quickly get your users back online?

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Sybase business continuity solutions reduce the cost of operating remote recovery while reducing business risk and ensuring data integrity.


Replication Server Software
Replication Server increases the flexibility and lowers the costs of managing multiple data management platforms. It ensures business continuity by providing bi-directional, heterogeneous replication and synchronization across enterprise, client/server, desktop and mobile systems.

  “You can’t kill this product. Every time I see the Sybase Replication Server developers, I make a point of telling them that their product had absolutely no problems. There was nothing to tweak, no trace flags to set and no errors in the error log. Sybase did a great job with this product, and it really makes us look good.”  
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Iroquois Pipeline Operating Company

Mirror Activator Disk Mirroring and Database Replication System
Mirror Activator works in conjunction with storage replication systems to replicate database transactions from a mirrored log to an available ASE (Adaptive Server Enterprise) server or Oracle® database. Mirror Activator leverages the best attributes of disk mirroring and transactional replication, ensuring transactional consistency while dramatically reducing failover time for database applications. It manages a live, standby database that is available within seconds, versus hours, of time-to-recovery required by cold standby business continuity systems.

OpenSwitch Business Continuity Software
OpenSwitch is a continuous availability solution. It ensures continuous availability to systems with no hassle, no confusion and no need for them to reconnect. OpenSwitch routes end users from the primary system to a back-up system in the middle of the day, in the middle of the application, without missing a beat.

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