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Consumer Banking Featured Solutions


Account Register
Bill Pay/Transfer Warehouse
Consumer Banking
Consumer Bill Presentment and Payment
Financial Fusion Server UniversalOFX
One-to-One Marketing
Online Statements
Wireless Application Support

Account Register
Account Register gives your retail customers the ability to manage their checkbook from the financial institution’s website. But the key advantage of this product is that it allows the customer to ultimately centralize his personal financial management (PFM) to your site, dramatically enhancing customer retention. Account Register also increases the ability of the financial institution to have a more direct relationship with their customers and is simpler to use than those from third party PFM vendors such as Quicken or Money.

Alerts provide real-time account activity notification to customers’ Web and wireless devices while allowing the financial institution to touch their customers on a more frequent basis with customized, relevant information, significantly strengthening the relationship. Predefined alert types allow customers to request notification when an account exceeds a specified threshold or when an NSF (insufficient funds) condition exists. They can also be updated with the closing prices of their stock portfolio or advised that the Financial Institution has sent them a message. Furthermore, the universal alerts engine supports the ready implementation of custom alerts at the Financial Institution’s request.

Bill Pay/ Transfer Warehouse
The Bill Payment and Transfer Warehouse product is a robust middleware application suite that enables your financial institution to control the total payment processing and warehousing of customer information. This product stores and routes all information pertaining to payments and transfers in a central location that can be viewed and managed directly using administration screens and a robust customer service application. The product feature set is the most robust of it’s kind on the market today, ensuring continual availability of system processes and information access. And it is designed with one purpose is mind: to allow the financial institution to control more of the payment process.

Consumer Banking
The Consumer Banking product consists of an extensive library of Web and wireless objects that enable essential transactions and help your Web site become the destination of choice for your customer. Built on a 100 percent Java framework and open standards, Consumer Banking is a fully brandable, customized banking application that helps fulfill all your customers’ financial needs in one place. The entire application has been designed to keep the customer in mind throughout the online banking experience. By being the industry leader in the consumer experience, Financial Fusion can help your Web site become the destination site of choice.

Consumer Bill Presentment and Payment (EBPP)
Sybase Financial Fusion's Electronic Bill Payment and Presentment (EBPP) technology lets customers receive and pay their bills from any source, including internal or "on us" payments, aggregators and biller direct, all from your financial institution's website. It is the only end-to-end solution available that includes both CSP and BSP products. Bill payment features include the ability to pay anyone, future payments, repeating payments and payment history. You control online advertising during the bill payment process, keep your customers at your site and strengthen your customer relationships.

Financial Fusion Server UniversalOFX
The ultimate real-time, anywhere access to customer financial information

UniversalOFX Edition, powered by the Financial Fusion Server, allows financial institutions to leverage OFX protocol connectivity to access 401(k), tax functionality like W-2 and 1099 forms, retail and commercial banking and electronic trading and reporting through a combination of extensive protocol support and a robust, scalable architecture. UniversalOFX Edition connects millions of customers to their accounts by utilizing advanced Java technology and flexible message broker-based infrastructure.

UniversalOFX Edition ensures connectivity to users of Intuit’s Quicken and QuickBooks, Microsoft Money and other personal financial management (PFM) software. The financial institution can optimize each customer’s experience with their site via Web or wireless devices. UniversalOFX Edition provides multi-protocol support on a single platform, simultaneously running major protocols like OFX, FIX and SWIFT with complete protocol extensibility.

  • Allows disparate systems to speak to each other
  • Enables instant integration of database information and front-end input information in real-time
  • Provides scalable capacity
  • Application server and database independent
  • Enterprise-class scalability, from one to millions of users
  • Runs OFX, FIX, and SWIFT simultaneously- with protocol extensibility
  • Fully Enterprise JavaBean™ and XML-enabled
  • Seamless integration with PFMs like Quicken and MS Money, plus 401(k) and tax applications

One-to-One Marketing
One-to-One Marketing is an advanced relationship marketing system that delivers targeted ads and messages to your customers, based on their unique profiles. Its suite of relationship marketing tools include Message Management to create, manage and distribute multiple marketing campaigns, Profiling to compile individual customer data, Targeting and Personalization to link the right message to the right customer, and Reporting to track results. One-to-One Marketing lets you capture, close and continue your customer marketing relationships, all from a single, integrated platform.

Online Statements
Online Statements is a user-friendly tool that enables customers to receive, view, and print statements electronically. Features of this component include multiple formats (print-friendly statements, PDFs, CSV), customizable presentation format, user authentication, online enrollment, and configurable statement history. Institutions will increase ROI by offering this service due to savings in postage, administration and printing costs.

Wireless Application Support
The key advantage of the Wireless e-Finance product is that it seamlessly integrates with your existing retail online banking solution by leveraging functionality within your existing infrastructure. With Sybase Financial Fusion, you have a common platform for web and wireless delivery. This means that when you want to add new features, you add then in one place and the feature is enabled in your web and wireless channels. So updates, upgrades, and product customization are fast, easy and low cost.

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