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Data Modeling, Metadata Management & Application Development

Innovatively solve development problems for data modeling, metadata management and application development.

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Sybase offers the leading software products for modeling, metadata management and application development. These next-generation tools can help you innovatively solve development problems as well as leverage modeling and metadata to achieve success.


WorkSpace Application Development Environment
WorkSpace provides a unified design and application development environment for the Sybase platform that integrates the power of enterprise modeling all the way through to comprehensive tooling capabilities. An Eclipse-based Java toolkit, WorkSpace combines the five most important design and development tools in an easy-to-use open-source framework. Enterprise modeling, database development, Web application development, services-oriented development and orchestration, and mobile development all come together for a complete and flexible solution.

PowerBuilder Application Development Tool
Updated with the latest technology, this powerful, industry-leading rapid application development tool offers tight integration between design, modeling, development and management. PowerBuilder enables developers to build anything from two-tier and Web applications to applications for a distributed architecture.

  • PowerBuilder Application Server Plug-in
    This plug-in extends your PowerBuilder investment to environments that use J2EE application servers. With the plug-in, developers can deploy PowerBuilder components as Enterprise JavaBeans (EBJs) and make them available to any other enterprise application on a range of application servers.
  • Appeon for PowerBuilder
    Appeon for PowerBuilder transforms data-rich client/server applications into browser-based n-tier applications for the Web while maintaining the look, feel and functionality of the original application. No major re-architecting is required.

PowerDesigner Modeling Tool
Sybase PowerDesigner, the industry-leading data modeling tool, is a solution for enterprise modeling and design that assists organizations in implementing effective enterprise architecture strategies. PowerDesigner integrates multiple industry-standard models together within a robust metadata repository to define and describe all aspects of the business and IT infrastructures to support business agility, regulatory compliance and metadata management.

PowerAMC Data Modeling Software
PowerAMC is the French edition of PowerDesigner. It also includes some specific features, such as Merise Methodology, that are popular in French-speaking areas.

This robust, third-generation J2EE application server offers ultra-light functionality, enterprise-class reliability, performance and manageability, all in a flexible, standards-based environment.

InfoMaker Reporting Software
InfoMaker is an easy-to-use interface for generating informative, decision-ready reports. Users don't need to know the database language to understand how to access data. Templates for instant report layout, seamless connectivity to databases, and point-and-click query construction put users quickly in touch with the information they need.

DataWindow .NET Data Access and Presentation Software Tool
DataWindow.NET is a powerful and patented data access and presentation tool that enables developers to quickly build enterprise-class, data-driven applications in one environment. You can easily incorporate data access, complex logic and data presentation into all of your .NET applications.

PocketBuilder Mobile Application Development Software
PocketBuilder is the only true rapid application development (RAD) tool for building mobile and wireless applications running on Microsoft PocketPC and Windows-Mobile™ based devices. Create occasionally connected, data-driven mobile applications with unprecedented speed.


Industry Warehouse Studio Data Warehousing Software
Industry Warehouse Studio is an out-of-the-box and into-the-business packaged data warehouse infrastructure. It provides the advantages of a custom business intelligence system without the risks. If you have the following Sybase products, PowerDesigner can help with:

  • ASE-to-Sybase IQ Implementations
    Model-driven data warehouse development starts with the source definitions. Use PowerDesigner to reverse engineer and document the source databases and the current warehouse schema for redeployment under Sybase IQ analytics server. The entire staging environment can even be generated — all from the metadata managed by the models.
  • Replication
    Model-driven data replication with Replication Server ensures that source and target maps define and describe the real replication environment. The leveraging of metadata allows for fast and easy creation of new replication architectures and generates replication code automatically.

SQL Anywhere Mobile Database Management Software
SQL Anywhere is a comprehensive package providing data management and data exchange technologies that enable the rapid development and deployment of database-powered applications. Its data exchange technologies extend information in corporate applications and enterprise systems to databases running in mission-critical frontline environments. SQL Anywhere’s design and management tools enable developers to implement and deploy frontline applications and equip administrators to easily manage and support them.

M-Business Anywhere Web Application and Content Delivery Software
M-Business Anywhere provides a platform for delivering Web-based content and applications to mobile devices rapidly and cost-effectively. Web developers can leverage their existing skill sets and open standards to develop and deploy fully interactive applications with sync-and-go or wireless capabilities for mobile business.
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