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Eclipse Foundation Member

Customers choose Sybase for the same reasons they are adopting Eclipse – extensibility, flexibility, and the enormous benefits of open technology. Sybase, an Eclipse Steward since 2002, was one of the first companies to release a commercially available product on the Eclipse framework— Sybase Unwired Orchestrator, the award-winning business process orchestration and monitoring tool. Sybase, a Strategic Developer member of the Eclipse Organization, is dedicated to broadening the value of Eclipse to the software development community.


  • Eclipse Enables Best-of-Breed
    The Eclipse framework allows developers to build their own best-of-breed tools by combining Eclipse plug-ins into a customized tooling environment and by facilitating interoperability and ease-of-use across heterogeneous tools running in the common Eclipse environment.
  • Eclipse Has Strong Community Momentum
    The strength and vibrancy of the Eclipse community has made Eclipse the leading Java development environment. Eclipse’s momentum is now 1 million users strong and Sybase is excited to be a part of this community advancing new frontiers in application development technology.
  • Eclipse’s Open Framework
    Eclipse’s open framework will enable Sybase to build an end-to-end development environment. Eclipse provides Sybase the platform and framework on which to develop a complete solution—from back-end database development to composite application development to front-end mobile development.


The following are Eclipse Community Projects Sybase is involved in:

  • “Data Tools Platform project” - DTP provides extensible frameworks and exemplary tools, enabling a diverse set of plug-in offerings specific to particular data-centric technologies and supported by the DTP ecosystem.
  • “SOA Tools Platform Project” - STP is an open source collaborative software development project dedicated to providing a generic, extensible, standards-based tool platform for producing Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) applications.


  • Sybase WorkSpace - a unified application development environment, combines modeling, data management, services assembly and orchestration, Java development, and mobilization in a single tool. It bridges the gap between the vision of a service-oriented architecture (SOA) and the reality of traditional development tools.
  • PowerDesigner - Industry’s #1 data-modeling and collaborative design tool for enterprises that need to build or re-engineer applications quickly, cost-effectively and consistently.
  • Unwired Orchestrator - Unwires information to mobilize existing applications and create new applications and processes to meet the needs of the mobile worker.


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