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Healthcare Solutions

Sybase enables healthcare organizations worldwide to mobilize information at the point of care, access clinical data securely and accelerate innovation and research.

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Healthcare organizations face mounting pressures to contain costs, meet federal regulations, deal with increased competition, and satisfy an increasingly dissatisfied consumer. Physicians, pharmacists, caregivers, and administrators must deliver service and care where and when it's needed. To do so, they need timely and secure access to vital medical information. At the point of patient care. Among payers and providers. And in the back office. They need Sybase.

Sybase healthcare solutions and Professional Services address worldwide healthcare business issues. We enable real-time eligibility verification at admission and give clinicians and physicians secure access to patients’ clinical information via the Web. We also enable healthcare organizations to comply with HIPAA regulations on claims transactions and security, and support other industry standards such as HL7, EDIFACT, ASTM, X12, DICOM and ASC. And we offer “unwired care” that is empowering caregivers to access critical patient information anytime, anywhere.

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To learn more about our healthcare solutions, click the appropriate link below:

Aimed at insurance companies, Medicare intermediaries, and State Medicaid organizations, our solutions help these organizations process and validate claims submitted by hospitals for services provided to patients.

For hospitals and reference laboratories, our solutions help maximize and streamline their workflow.

Sybase leverages healthcare applications for mobile computing; we enable you to deliver better care with mobile applications and development tools.

Partner Directory
We have more than 95 application partners that offer clinical, financial, administrative, and medical management solutions. In fact, we believe that partnerships enable us to offer a broader, end-to-end healthcare solution that will help our healthcare customers achieve success—reduce costs, gain competitive advantage, and, ultimately, offer the best quality care possible.

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