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Validating coverage and processing claims is complex. Payer organizations must convert formats of claims from HIPAA X12, designed and maintained by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI), to the format required by the Payers Adjudication System, and process that claim through the system. Payers need solid, scalable solutions that will give them an advantage over their competition while, at the same time, enable them to maintain strong relationships with their healthcare partners.

Sybase offers four broad categories of Payer solutions:

Integration -- These solutions help protect a payer’s investment in legacy systems and enable it to update multiple databases as needed.

  • Unwired Orchestrator — Offers intuitive, easy-to-use tools encased in a comprehensive architecture that joins internal and external systems into a single operational unit. Unwired Orchestrator's innovative technology encourages collaboration, thereby simplifying the task of streamlining and optimizing payer business processes.
  • RepConnector – Extracts data from existing applications, such as databases, and shares it with integration tools such as integration brokers and application servers.

Process Improvement -- These solutions improve the payer’s message handling and eligibility verification as well as analytics. Analyze diseases, claims, treatments, etc., to improve pricing of services.

  • Industry Warehouse Studio for Healthcare Analytics — Pre-built business intelligence application suite for the healthcare industry structured to leverage a customer-centric data warehouse infrastructure. This solution is specifically designed to exploit the transaction-level data in a typical healthcare organization.

Security -- These solutions help providers meet the contingency planning, data backup, and disaster recovery provisions of the HIPAA Security Standards — and provide for the backup of patient data.

  • Replication Server — Simplifies data movement and synchronization across the enterprise. It allows DBAs to quickly setup redundant disaster recovery sites and synchronize data across heterogeneous database platforms

HIPAA -- These solutions address HIPAA regulations and CMS mandates.

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