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In-Database Analytics (for Predictive Analytics)

In-Database Analytics (for Predictive Analytics)


Introduction to Sybase IQ In-Database Analytics Option
This video introduces Sybase IQ's In-Database Analytics Option that enables complex computational algorithms to run close to the data

This option brings in-database analytics capability to Sybase IQ via libraries of pluggable analytical algorithms from statistical and data mining software partners who have certified their products with Sybase IQ's in-database analytics capabilities. In-database analytics delivers immediate performance and scalability improvements to your business. Using this technique, your data never leaves the database until results are filtered and processed. Further benefits are that the analytics code and models are shareable across your organization and allow ad-hoc analysis, plus they are applicable to your most current data set.

Sybase IQ In-Database Analytics Option (Data Sheet)
In today's competitive environment, to succeed in your goals related to investment management, customer acquisition and retention, market share growth, and increased profitability, you need to leverage analytics that are quickly available and accurate. Increasingly, companies who effectively use analytics are able to outperform their peers and improve processes such as product development, pricing, customer targeting and retention, risk assessment, marketing and sales.

Sybase IQ In-Database Analytics Option (Technical Overview)
This technical overview outlines traditional complex analytics vs. in-database analytics. Sybase IQ's design moves the complex analysis closer to the data by enabling analytics to be provided as UDFs - this is an important characteristic of a big data analytics product ensuring higher performance. 

SAP Sybase IQ Marketplace (Website)
It’s a place for buyers and sellers from all over the world to discover the latest Data Warehousing, Business Intelligence and Analytics solutions integrated with SAP Sybase IQ. We understand that in order to stay competitive, you need to deliver innovation and increase value to your customers. To do this, you need a partner that can help you create a new enhanced offering to expand your portfolio of products. By creating new analytics applications, or adding analytics capabilities to an existing application, you gain an efficient way to maintain a leading edge.  The Sybase IQ Marketplace allows us to showcase our best in breed partners and create a community in which to allow them to expand the market reach of their software solutions. Visit the Sybase IQ Marketplace and check out what new innovations are available to you!

An InDetail Paper by Bloor Research – Sybase IQ 15.4 (Whitepaper)
Sybase IQ is a columnar database that was designed to support data warehousing from its inception. This approach has now been copied many times and has been vindicated in organizations worldwide: its benefits have been well rehearsed and do not need repeating here. However, it is worth bearing in mind that Sybase IQ is, and always has been, the leading column-based vendor in the market. It now has the benefit of the reach and scale of its parent SAP as well as, in this release, an extensive 'big data' capability. This leaves Sybase well positioned to continue to capture market share.
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